Nelsen Water Solutions Ultraviolet Systems

Ultraviolet Protection

If you’re looking for a feature-laden premium UV system, then THE NWS UV5 series of residential UV systems should be your choice. In looking at this line, one easily sees how this product is truly different from everything else in the market. The state-of-the-art 5 series controller is a constant current electronic power source housed in a splash-proof case that comes standard with a “future-proof” expandability port for future upgrades or options.


Features and Benefits


Microbiological contaminants may be in your water supply for various reasons. Although microbiological issues such as fecal coliform (E-coli), Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia (Beaver Fever), and many others may be contaminating your water supply, Nelsen Water Solutions (NWS), UV is a relatively easy solution to any of these problems.


UV is safe, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and provides virtually immediate disinfection without altering the taste of the water or imparting any potentially harmful disinfection by-products (DBP’s).


For homes with more than one tap and a bathroom faucet, installing a point-of-entry (POE) UV system is the best choice. Safety is the main reason for this logic, although you may never drink from that bathroom tap. Safety is the prime reason to install a whole home UV system.


As long as proper pre-treatment is maintained, an annual system check-up and lamp replacement are all required. The UV system is designed to be left on; a typical household system will draw about the same energy as a 40-watt light bulb!

Key Features

  • Intelligent Design - The single-end Reactor Chamber design allows for lamp change without the need to drain the reactor chamber
  • Reactor Chamber - Axial flow, 304 stainless steel polished reactors, designed & manufactured to ASME pressure vessel standards
  • Lamp Key - Alerts user to incorrect lamp size as controllers are automatically programmed for their flow rate. This also prevents systems from operating beyond the useful life of a UV lamp. Prevents potential damage to ballast from starting lamps past their useful lifetime.
  • Future-Proof - Integral port to allow for a future upgrade to a UV monitored system
  • UV Controller - Color user interface allows for easy visual identification of remaining lamp life and any error or fault codes
  • UV Controller - incorporates QR codes to access lamp change information and videos via web access
  • Countdown Timer - LED lamp countdown constant current electronic ballast
  • UV Controller - Constant current electronic controller in a splashproof case, fully potted ballast virtually eliminates common water damage issue
  • UV Lamps - Reliable, industry-proven, high-quality, low-pressure (LP) coated UV lamps offer a consistent output over their 9,000-hour life.

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Solenoid Module - The 254nm UV sensor module allows for a UV sensor upgrade to all NWS UV5 systems. All NWS UV5 systems come supplied with a built-in expandability port; remove the Teflon glow plug from the port and affix the UV sensor module. Plug the sensor into the IEP (infinite expandability port) on the controller and restart the system, and your system will now monitor the UV intensity given off by the system.

Solenoid Module - Install a NORMALLY CLOSED line voltage solenoid valve (not supplied) into this junction box. Connect the power and the supplied lead to the controller. Please note that when this device is connected to a NWS UV5 system without the UV Sensor Module, the solenoid will only close in lamp failure mode. When used with the UV Sensor Module, the solenoid will close when the UV level drops below 50%. Also note that in cases where emergency use of untreated water is required, the module can be placed into a manual override mode allowing for water flow in an alarm condition.